Guided Private Tour in, around and from Nagoya

We are offering guided private tour service in and from Nagoya. If you are interested in our model courses, please contact us.

In the Chubu Region of Japan, there are beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and sea shores. Please visit some of them with our guides.

Travelling to Mount Gozaisho on a ropeway and visiting the Yunoyama Onsen hot spring, a town of love knot

Mount Gozaisho is a 1,212 meter high mountain which is located in the Suzuka Quasi-National Park. It is selected as one of the "Suzuka Seven Mountains".

Unlike other mountains, most of the rocks of Mount Gozaisho are formed by granite. In the immemorial times, the granite rocks appeared on the hill surface as they got eroded. This is why today we see various big and unique shaped rocks. The mountain attracts people who do trekking, skiing and rock climbing.

Chiyobo-inari and Yoro-no-taki Fall

The Chiyobo-inari Shrine is familiarly known in the neighboring area of Nagoya. People gather from all over not just to worship but also to visit the shops along the front approach to the shrine. The legendary "Yoro-no-taki Fall" is located in a 30 minute-driving distance, which is also a popular sightseeing spot.

The island of the Kaijin: Toba, Toushi-jima Island, and Mikimoto Pearl Island

The Ise-Shima National Park features the rias (saw-toothed) coastlines and plants and vegetation that grow in a mild climate. It is located in the Shima Peninsular in central Mie, and covers a vast area expanding 50 kilometers east-west and 40 kilometers north-south. Ise-Shima is not only famous for the Ise-jingu Shrine which boasts a 2,000 year-long history, but also for other various sightseeing spots along the coast.

Half-day easy nature walk tour in Oni-iwa Valley

Oni-iwa valley is about one-hour drive from the central Nagoya. You can have a 1 to 2-hour walk in the mountain, especially along the stream. It's an ideal afternoon walking experience. If you are tired of busy urban settings in Nagoya, take a half day tour to breath the air in forests.

Itadori, a village of forests and rivers

Itadori is a village deep in the moutains but only 2-hour drive from Nagoya. In Itadori, there are no famous temples, museums, restaurants, nor attractions, but local culture and nature, especially rivers and mountains. Walk with a guide. By walking you can touch the nature, culture, history, not known even to the most of Japanese people. You will agree that Itadori is a hidden treasure.

Kamikochi: heart of Japan Alps

Kamikochi is the heart of Japan Alps (northern Alps). Beautifu sinery of Azusa river, Mt. Hodaka and Mt. Yari, Taisho Pond etc., it is sure that you'll be reliefed.

Spider lily flowers along Tsuya River banks

This tour is available only from late September to early October, when spider lilies are in full bloom. Enjoy a day-trip by local Yoro Line train and have a short walk to reach to the Tsuya River banks.

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