Guided Private Tour in, around and from Nagoya

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Travelling to Mount Gozaisho on a ropeway and visiting the Yunoyama Onsen hot spring

Mount Gozaisho is a 1,212 meter high mountain which is located in the Suzuka Quasi-National Park. The four seasons of the year can be enjoyed here. The azaleas and cherry blossoms in spring, the cool breeze during the evening time and red dragonflies at summer, the red maple leaves in autumn, and the frost-covered trees and skiing from the hill top during the winter.

Chiyobo-inari and Yoro-no-taki Fall

It is called the "Ochobo-san" among the local people. The shrine was built in the Muromachi period (1336 to 1573) by Mori Hakkai who belongs to a baronial family, with an intention to maintain the ancestors' spirits for over thousand years. The legendary "Yoro-no-taki Fall" is located in a 30 minute-driving distance, which is also a popular sightseeing and hiking spot.

Tsumago and Magome, Kisoji Nakasendo Trail Walk

If you like, you can walk from Tsumago to Magome or vice versa. Part of the Nakasendo Way remains exactly the same way it was in the old days. Slip back in the times of the Edo period. Total length of the hiking course is 9 kilometers, and would take around 3 hours to complete. It is easier to walk from Magome to Tsumago.

Kinkazan hiking and Gifu Castle

There are several trekking courses are prepared at Kinkazan. There are all together ten different routes to climb the mountain, including the "Shichi-magari Course" which is an easy one even when travelling with children, and the "Hyaku-magari course" designed for those who prefer to experience a bit of steep slopes and feel that they are actually climbing a mountain.

Ruin of Iwamura Castle and Historic Iwamura Town

The Iwamura Castle is one of the three best-known mountain castles in Japan. Although all wooden structures had gone long time ago, beautiful stone walls and stone-paved approaches have remained almost untouched.

Half-day easy nature walk tour in Oni-iwa Valley

Oni-iwa valley is about one-hour drive from the central Nagoya. You can have a 1 to 2-hour walk in the mountain, especially along the stream. It's an ideal afternoon walking experience. If you are tired of busy urban settings in Nagoya, take a half day tour to breath the air in forests.

Fushimi Inari Trail Tour

Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine is known for its bright orange torii gate. In this tour, you can discover hidden hiking routes that you may not find on your own. Your guide leads you to venture along secret pathways to natural bamboo forests and small shrines off the normal tourist route.

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