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Oni-iwa valley is about one-hour drive from the central Nagoya. You can have a 1 to 2-hour walk in the mountain, especially along the stream. It's an ideal afternoon walking experience. If you are tired of busy urban settings in Nagoya, take a half day tour to breath the air in forests.

Oni-iwa is not in a deep mountain though it shows an unique natural feature. The bottom of a small valley is filled up with large rocks. It was believed that an oni (devil) lived in this hidden valley. Thus the name Oni-iwa means 'devil rocks'.

At the entrance of the valley, there are two waterfalls. These falls are called "meoto daki", which means "wife and husband falls". Water in the photo is not clear but this is due to the rain.

Large rocks are filling the bottom of the valley. This is the unique feature of the Oni-iwa park.

There are many rock walls but rock climbing is prohibited in the park.

As you go up along the stream, there are many crossings like this.

Another huge rock.

You sometimes go underneath the piled rocks. There is a special route which largely goes thorough a tunnel underneath the rocks. Unfortunately this special route is open for the public only on the particular days of the year due to the danger to fell off into the stream.

This small cave is where an oni (devil) was believed to live in.

At the end of the cave, you see a stature of ao-oni (blue devil) enshrined. Please confirm it by yourself.

In the uppermost area of the valley, there is no more rocks and you walk along the stream under the cypress plantation.

Forests are as dense as here but there are varieties of vegetation along the course.

Along the stream you observe trees and plants which grow in wet areas.

This beautiful fern is an example of wet vegetation.

This is another hiking route which climbs to the hillside.

On the hillside, vegetation is different. This is a vegetation in rather dry areas.

At the viewpoint. A rewarding panorama view.

You can feel the strength of the nature. These trees have routed on large rocks.

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