Guided Private Tour in, around and from Nagoya

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This region of Japan has high mountains and beautiful rivers. Good water is essential for sake making and so there are many sake breweries.

Enjoy a relaxed walk around Ogaki, a historic city of water.

Sake brewing which makes the most of the local pure water is popular in Ogaki. A five minute walk from Ogaki station will take you to Takeuchi Shuzo (sake brewery) which started its business in 1744. Tasty sake brewed by local artisans using Ogaki's water is available.

Old Masumida Shrine and the streets in Ichinomiya City

If you are fond of Japanese sake, Kimata Sake Shop is a must visit. The shop owner himself visit breweries to find really good sake. Very famous local sake 'Kuheiji', which is also served in some restaurants in Paris may be available in this shop.

Ruin of Iwamura Castle and Historic Iwamura Town by local train

Drop in at the Iwamura Jozo if you are interested in Saké. The tasty natural water of Iwamura boasts for being selected as one of the top 50 fine waters of Gifu Prefecture. Japanese Saké with rich aroma and taste, which uses the local natural water is available at the brewery. Tasting can be done to find your best choice. For those who are not fond of alcoholic beverage, try the alcohol-free Japanese "Amazake".

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