Guided Private Tour in, around and from Nagoya

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Nowadays in Japan, ccraft beers are produced every region in Japan. This page introduces the model courses in which you can visit and taste some local craft beers.

Kurokabe Beer

Kurokabe Beer of Ohmi Nagahama

Ohmi Nagahama, which lies along Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture is a place where many tourists visit. Kurokabe Square is one of the major spots in the area. There, you can visit a brewery 'Kurokabe Beer'.


Cafe Sanpachiya in Ichinomiya City, the smallest brewery in Japan

Sanpachi-ya is a cafe in the Honmachi Street of the Ichinomiya City. They have probably the smallest brewery in Japan just next door. You can enjoy freshly brewed beer directly from the brewery.

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