Guided Private Tour in, around and from Nagoya

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There is a variety of Japanese traditional crafts available in this region. Find some with our guides!

Japanese Traditional Candles

Traditional Candle Visit Masumida Shrine and Traditional Candle workshop

Visit Takeda Shoten Workshop of Japanese traditional candles. If you are lucky, you can see the process of traditional candle making.

Masu of Masuya

Masu cup Ogaki, city of hitsoty and water

Feel the rich aroma of the Hinoki cypress wood. The "Masuya" store, a Masu cup (wooden sake cup) atelier and souvenir shop. Various Masu cups are displayed inside, from the traditional ones succeeded from generation to generation, up to new products including mobile phone straps and magazine racks using the Masu cup material which match the modern lifestyle. Enjoy your time even just by looking around.


Arimatsu: The historical townscape of Tokaido along with the Arimatsu Shibori traditional crafts

People in Arimatsu thus started the Shibori tie-dying as a side business. This gained popularity and has become the area's industry until today by creating a history.

Kijishi-no-sato Yamaich

Kisoji: Tsumago-juku and Magome-juku

If you are interested in traditional craftwork, visit the "Kijishi-no-sato" which is in a 10 kilometer-distance from Tsumago-juku, where wood turning craftsmen gather. The "Nagiso Rokuro-zaiku", a traditional craftwork in this region uses spinning wheel to grind wood and make products. Its technique has been passed down over a thousand years. Each product is beautiful, yet practical. Do not miss the chance to see the fascinating skills and technique of the local professionals, which are reflected onto the artwork.

Fortune cat of Seto

Experiencing pottery in Seto

A 50 minute ride on a train from Nagoya station, and you will reach the town of porcelain, Seto. It is the country's leading production area of ceramic and porcelain with a long history, that in Japan people generally call pottery as "Seto-mono". Even today, there are many studios which keep on creating various art pieces. Have a relaxing moment in this historical town and experience pottery making to feel the alluring art of Japanese ceramic works.

Iga Kumihimo

Kumihimo workshop in Iga

Iga boasts for producing the highest production volume of Kumihimo in Japan, which is a traditional craft. In the old days, the Kumihimo textile was used for strings and straps for scrolls and Kacchu armor. Today it is applied to the Obijime Kimono fastening band. Would like to make your own as a memory of your trip? Even beginners can complete a key-holder strap or a bracelet in around 20 minutes.

The workshop is offered at an elegant traditional shop which was established by Hirozawa Tokusaburo, the person who introduced the Kumihimo techniques to Iga.

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