Guided Private Tour in, around and from Nagoya

We are offering guided private tour service in and from Nagoya. If you are interested in our model courses, please contact us.

This tour is highly recommended from late November until early December. Jakkoin Temple is famous for red maple trees in late Autumn.

This is a guided walking tour from Inuyama Yuen Station. You can combine this tour with Inuyama Castle and its castle town tour. Or if you love walking or hiking, then you can climb Mt. Tsugaosan (273m above see level) from Jakkoin Temple. Please check this site for climing Mt. Tsugaosan.

Jackoin Temple

Starting from Inuyama Yuen Station, you walk along the Kiso River. Kiso River is known as "Japanese Rhine river" because of its beauty. You'll arrive at the entrance gate of Jakkoin Temple within 20 minutes.

Jackoin Temple

To reach to this place, you have to climb long and steep steps. For those who does not want to walk, a small electric cable car service is available.

Jackoin Temple

Jakkoin is founded in 654. Current buildings were reconstructed in 1879. Three main buildings are registered as National Cultural Heritage.

cedar tree

Around the temple buildings, you can find many stone statues. Some of them are quite pretty.

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