Japanese Calligraphy

Ichinomiya City is about 11 minutes train ride from Nagoya Station, or 20-minute drive from central Nagoya. "Ichinomiya" literally means "the first shrine in the region", and Ichinomiya area had been a local center of commerce and agriculture even before 10th century. This city is far more older than Nagoya, which had developed after 17th century.

Hitonomori House in Ichinomiya City provides various Japanese cultural experiences to foreigners, such as Japanese calligraphy lessons, flower arrangement, Japanese cooking.

You can create your own calligraphic art with your favorite kanji letters and make it a hanging scroll like this photo.

The practice takes only a few hours so you can combine this practice with other tours such as "historic Masumida Shrine and Honmachi Shopping Street".

If you are interested in our tour guide programs, please contact us.

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