Guided Private Tour in, around and from Nagoya

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The Castle of sweets look like a real castle in Europe. This is a facility build by a Japanese sweet maker that has a factory compound here. This facility has been offering opportunities to make and decorate sweets such as cookies and cakes. Though, recently it has became a popular place, especially among young ladies, where you can be a princess and take your own photo.

There is a dress rental shop in the castle. You can take photos in and out of the castle for two hours. Dresses are available for children. Boy's costumes are available as well though, there is a little choice.

There are several classes to make sweets like cookies and decorate donuts. So children those who are not fond of costume plays can also enjoy here.

There are some displays of dolls and buildings made from sugar. Also a souvenir shop is located near the entrance. You can buy a variety of locally made sweets here.

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