During your stay in Nagoya, enjoy shopping with our guide. Our guide can help you to find what you want to see and buy, and help you to interpret when you shop.

It is also a good idea to go around Nagoya with our guide to know the places good for shopping, and later, you can visit there by yourself when you have plenty of time.

About Nagoya shopping tours

Duration of the tour: half day to full day. If you visit outlet malls out side Nagoya, you may need a full day tour.

Destinations of the tour: Please consult us. Typically they include Osu shopping street, Sakae shopping district, department stores around Nagoya Station, and Mozo Wondercity shopping mall inside Nagoya. Other places include Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima and Toki Premium Outlet, and other shopping malls located in various satellite cities of Nagoya.

Pricing of the tour: Guide fee per group starts from 15,000 yen for half day, and from 20,000 yen for a full day. The price varies depending on the guide available and the period of a year. During the high season, such as year-end and new year, the guide fees are usually higher. This does not include transportation, meals, etc.

Osu Shopping Street

Osu Shopping Street

If you are interested in our guided shopping tour programs, please contact us

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