Local guides available in Nagano

We now have some local guides in Nagano. They are all licensed. With them, our service now covers Zenko-ji Temple, Snow Monkey Park, Hakuba Ski Resort, Kiso Valley (Nakasendo) walking, and Matsumoto area.

No more seats for Shirakawago Light Up Events, 2017

Shirakawago Ligh Up

In these two months, we have received so many inquiries about Shirakawago Light Up Event 2017 tour. Some large tour companies will conduct bus tours but it seems that all seats have already been sold.

We cannot offer group bus tour because special permission and prior booking is necessary to use a bus for the event due to the limited parking space. We do not have such permission and do not provide bus tours.

What we can arrange is tours by private cars only. Almost all cars in Takayama have already been booked though. Only the tours we can arrange are tours from Kanazawa and Nagoya by private cars up to 10-seater.

Tour Pick Up

Cherry blossoms near Nagoya

From late March to early April, whole Japan (except north and high altitude) will be covered by the national flower, cherry blossoms. Nagoya is not an exception. There are many places around Nagoya where you can enjoy cherry blossoms, or 'sakura' in Japanese.

Gojo River cherry blossomsOne of the most popular place is Gojo River in Iwakura City. This place can be reached by Meitetsu Line train from Nagoya Station, about 20 minutes ride.

Cherry blossoms along Gojo River are know as 'Senbon Sakura', means one thousand cherry tree. The number is doubtful but, yes, it is true that there are so many cherry trees blooming.

We recommend evening tours especially at dusk. Illumination is lit and cherry blossoms are lighted up. Snack shops along the river lure visitors. You can taste fried potatoes, bananas covered with chocolate, fried chicken, octopus balls, and other snacks typical to Japanese local festivals.

The price of a guide from Nagoya is from 25,000 yen per group. From Nagoya Station, a 4-hour tour is usually enough.

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