We, Hitonomori Co. Ltd., assign guides for tours planned by travel agencies. We can also arrange guides for sightseeing tours that other companies take their customers on in Japan. Our partner travel agencies can arrange accommodations and transportation other than that of the guide.

Areas where guides can be arranged

Our guides are most often in the Nagoya area, and we have guided tours of Nagoya City, Toyota, Ise Jingu Shrine, Inuyama, Magome-Tsumago (Nakasendo hiking), Takayama, Shirakawago, etc.

We can also provide guiding services in Tokyo, Kanazawa, Nagano, Kyoto, Osaka, and other cities. In such cases, additional expenses for transportation and lodging will be added to the cost of the guide.

We also have guides who can provide overnight through-guide services. Some guides are qualified as tour guides.

Guide Qualifications

English-speaking guides are the most common. On the other hand, the number of Chinese, Spanish, French, and other language guides is limited.

Most guides hold a national tour guide certification. Some simple tasks, or tasks that require primarily interpreting, may be handled by non-licensed interpreter-guides. Please let us know what type of work is required.

Inquiries about guide dispatch

For inquiries regarding the recruitment of interpreter guides, please contact Hito no Mori Ltd. in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture. Please send an e-mail to private.guide.jp (add "@gmail.com"). Our staff will reply to you after reviewing your inquiry.

Alternatively, you can contact us from this form.

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